Literary Atlanta Podcast Episode 18: Kim Michele Richardson

Kim Michele Richardson, author of The Sisters of Glass Ferry
Last week’s winter weather prevented Kim Michele Richardson from joining the holiday festivities at FoxTale Book Shoppe. Fortunately, I was able to catch up with her by phone. Kim Michele is a Kentucky native who lives in Louisville at present. She writes unflinchingly about the splendor and violence that co-exist in her home state—and in our world in general—in her books.

Her latest novel, The Sisters of Glass Ferry, opens with a description of a decadent strawberry birthday cake. But we quickly realize that we are not reading about a celebration. We are witnessing a family’s ritual of loss.

Kim Michele Richardson will be back in Atlanta in May. The Sisters of Glass Ferry is part of the TRIO Exhibit that I mentioned in a previous episode of Literary Atlanta. And as Kim Michele pointed out when we talked, the event at FoxTale coincides with the Kentucky Derby.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you see her wearing a wide-brimmed hat and sneaking in a flask of mint juleps. Pencil the party in on May 5th of your 2018 calendar.

Kim Michele Richardson Author Website

May 5th: TRIO Live at FoxTale Book Shoppe

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Dec. 16th: Rescheduled Wren’s Nest Victorian Holiday Party

Books Mentioned in This Episode

The Sisters of Glass Ferry by Kim Michele RichardsonThe Sisters of Glass Ferry by Kim Michele Richardson