Literary Atlanta Episode 11: Shannon M. Turner


This week’s guest has not authored a book, but she is responsible for the creation and publication of numerous stories. Stories that are hers and stories that she has coaxed out of other creatives and everyday people. Stories that do not appear in print, but leave an indelible impression on all who hear them.

Shannon Turner is a storyteller and co-host of the North Avenue Lounge show on 91.1 WREK. Earlier this year, she became a full-time story coach, helping other people and organizations to tell their stories in more powerful ways. That business is called StoryMuse.

Shannon and I met when I signed up for her “Storytelling for Writers” class at the Decatur Writers Studio. She’s an excellent teacher who’s obviously been working on her craft for a long time. I asked Shannon to tell me when she first became a storyteller.

Up next for Shannon Turner? A Yoga and Storytelling workshop. Shannon is teaming up with yoga instructor Rachelle Knowles. Rachelle will lead attendees through gentle yoga practices and Shannon will lead storytelling exercises around how to tell a good personal story, reframe your past stories, and tell a story about a future you would like to see. That’s happening on November 5th. The cost is $35 per person. For more details or to sign up, visit Shannon’s website.

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